Main challenges for an EU policy on CSR

A more extensive answer to the questions on the European survey on CSR: the base for our points

5.3 What would you say are the main challenges for an EU policy on CSR in the future?

CSR should be reinforced as a mainstream in Europe, in a crisis context where it’s necessary to rethink how to make business in the XXI century. CSR should be part of the response.

Public sector (all levels, all kind of public organizations) should become excellent at managing CSR by their own and through relationship with stakeholders, also developing socially responsible public procurement in a business friendly way oriented to a more sustainable economy.

Give more relevance to the role of sub-state public policies, and helping promote regional business organizations to develop CSR, specially in those economic regions where civil society is strong enough to leader actions and governments can act in the way that was stated on the Communication: The development of CSR should be led by enterprises themselves. Public authorities should play a supporting role.

In this sense, some SMEs and large companies have recently created, a business initiative to promote CSR in Catalonia. It aims to become the reference centre on socially responsible business management, and wants to bring together all the companies that have a significant commitment to CSR.

The existence of local reference bodies like this is essential for CSR to be led by companies and they are a framework for benchmarking and learning from each other. And it makes possible to connect European and global trends with traditional local management. We say we are commited to make CSR to be part of the competitive model and of “the Catalan way of doing business”.

Promoting CSR in a coherent territory (economy, society, culture…) makes easier to connect all parties, to integrate CSR in local culture, through local leaderships… Ultimately, it results more effective, less expensive, more sustainable, than some big public initiatives that don’t get in contact with real economy, with most of the companies, with SME…

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