COGITA Final Event in Bologna

Projecte europeu COGITA

European project COGITA

The COGITA project is coming to an end by December 2015 after two years of succesful collaboration between 13 European neighboring countries.

Below you can access the project results and register for the 'COGITA Final Event' in Bologna in October

View Results

To view the results, please access the CSR Manual which provides you with an overview of the project outcomes.

Register for the COGITA Final Event 2014

Join the COGITA Final Event 2014 in Bologna on October 22nd and 23rd where results and presentations from leading CSR experts and COGITA partners will be presented. View the agenda 

Anterior European survey on CSR
Següent The leaflet presentation of is now available in three languages

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European survey on CSR

Yesterday August 15 was the deadline for responding to the survey released by the European Commission to assess the impact of the 2011-2014 CSR strategy. The European Commission has been

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